Mario Milana Inc.

Establish a brand

The story

Mario Milana is a Milanese industrial designer who launched his line in 2013 in New York after years at the helm of Karim Rashid.

For this project, we had the opportunity to sit next to Milana and observe his process, creating a deep understanding of his work and a tight client relationship. Milana searches for refined, simple-line aesthetics with an acute eye for details and materials. His products are simple, understated pieces of art, with a touch of nostalgia for craftsmanship and artisanal details.

We approached the project the same way Milana would approach one of his creations. We sat down over coffee and started mapping a simple precast to address the immediate needs for the launch of his brand into the marketplace. Together in pure synchrony, we came up with a simple series of brand assets to enter the marketplace effectively while staying on budget.


Concept, Design, Web


Identity, Stationery, Website


3 months