An Italian Eatery

The story

Circolo45 is a friendly and attractive Italian eatery in the New York City restaurant scene. The restaurant takes its name from Italian “circoli,” which are friendly and relaxing multi-generational neighborhood gatherings. The “circoli” concept inspired not only the name, but the soul of the Circolo45.

Chef and General manager Daniele Sicuranza approached us to help with creating an identity that would align with the restaurant philosophy and soul. Starting from the ashes of the previous management, the business and the brand needed a complete overhaul. We created a simple identity and designed several interesting assets to create a cohesive customer experience. We advised on the interior design as well, adopting a simple color palette and warm friendly materials.

Ultimately, we were able to bring to life the character and soul envisioned by Daniele. Circolo45’s warm and easy-going venue quickly became a place to meet and eat good food while sipping on a good wine.


Concept, Design, Web


Identity, Collateral Material, Menus, Website, Interior Design


3 months