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Constellium USA

In September Poligrafik brought the Studio Fotografico Firenze in the United States to keep working with Constellium and expand on a Photographic Library that we started in June with the European locations. We drove across several states and visit 5 locations from West Virginia to Michigan via Alabama and Georgia. A wonderful experience filled with great moment at work and other spent just laughing and looking outside the window at many different landscapes from the hilly Tennessee to the flat Alabama. A very unique experience that brought us to know wonderful people at each Constellium plant we were welcomed and treated wonderfully. There are many people to thank but we have done directly, we can only say that without their collaboration and attention to our needs all the work we have created would not have been possible. Overall we have taken thousands of photos and filmed half a thousands drone videos both inside and outside the plant. You can visit

GCP introducing Blue360

GCP launched Blue360 Advantages, a new platform that offers their client a variety of services tailored to the construction industry from helping select the right material at the design stages to the consulting on the field, where specialized Blue360 professional can help solve problem and prevent other to happen. The Blue360 Advantage is designed to help GCP clients from A to Z and in all situation everywhere in the world. GCP is present in over 110 countries around the globe and is world leader in many construction products from cement additives to waterproof membranes etc. We helped GCP to create the Blue360 identity and look and feel from a family of icons for each group of the 5 forming the Blue360 Advantages to tools that can help each team to present themselves and make their cases with stubborn clients.

Constellium Europe

New engagment with Constellium to create a new photographic library of all their location in Europe. In collaboration with Nicola Santini and his team we have coordinated, and now shooting all Constellium European location, from France to Germany via Switzerland and the Czech Republic. We are shooting both still and video footage of the facilities as well as drone footage, to create short reels and videos that our client will be ale to use in their campaign and presentations. Soon we will upload a case study dedicated  to this project while we are now preparing for the visit to the US locations. Big thanks goes our talented team at Studio Fotografico Firenze and more specifically to photographers Nicola Santini, Alessandro Cinque and our drone pilot Antonio Zeoli.

GCP Applied Technologies

We are happy to announce a year-long partnership with GCP Applied Technologies. This comes on the heels of a successful collaboration in December on several important design-related initiatives. Our focus moving forward will include everything from trade show booth design to packaging and beyond. As a versatile, full-service design studio, we are honored to work alongside GCP, helping fuel business growth with powerful, strategic design.


We are pleased to announce that Constellium is now a full-time Poligrafik client. After partnering with the aluminum giant to launch a new joint venture with Japanese firm UACJ, we have since worked with Constellium on a series of design projects for each of the company’s outposts in the US, including production plants in Alabama and Virginia, offices in Baltimore and Michigan, as well as the headquarters in New York. Our work combines collateral development, environmental design and more to help drive sustainable, cohesive brand-led growth across all business units.